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Restoration of Golden State Carriage of Czar Catherine II (the Great) with funding contributed by Federal Express.

“Catherine the Great” Exhibition

(1988-92) from State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia and National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.
Rendering and master plan for Disney’s Golden Dream showing Rigging and Deck Plan.

Disney’s “Golden Dream” 18th Century Warship (1992)

(1992) Disney’s EPCOT American Pavilion.

“The Etruscans” Exhibition (1992-93)

(1992-93) from Vatican Museums and National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.
Interior view of NEWSEUM, Museum on Newspaper History, Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

“NEWSEUM”, Museum of Newspaper History (1982)

(1982) Lancaster Newspaper, Inc., Lancaster, PA (with DePaul Design).

Current Fine Art Projects — from Leonardo and Rubens to Pollock and Basquiat

Current Fine Art Asset Projects and Special Events featuring Old Masters, Modern Masters and Contemporary Art with Dering Fine Art Consultants and Emillions Art, Naples, FL.
Jeffrey A. Dering (2007) next to early painting study of a Young Christ attributed to Leonardo da Vinci (c.1472-1495 and/or c.1504-1505; dates vary due to Leonardo's ongoing changes & experiments) which Leonardo incorporated into his original prototype design composition of Christ Among the Doctors, which, in turn, directly influenced the variations of the same design by Renaissance Masters including Cima (c.1504-05), Durer (1506) and Luini (c.1515-30).

Leonardo’s “Christ Among the Doctors”, a Painting Study

“Christ Among the Doctors”, a Painting Study by Leonardo da Vinci
Entrance to “Earth Station One” Interactive Science Education Classroom Theater.

National Geographic Society “Geographica” Interactive Science Exhibition

(1988-89) Explorers Hall Museum, The National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.
Photograph of the completed New Orlando Science Center.

Orlando Science Center

(1991-96) Orlando Science Center, Inc., Winter Park, Florida

“Heroes and Legends”, US Astronaut Hall of Fame, NASA, Kennedy Space Center

(2014-16) NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, FL (for Delaware North Corp).

“Kim Quy” Cultural Attraction Concept Master Plan, Hanoi, Vietnam

(2016-17) Hanoi, Vietnam (with ITEC Entertainment).
Exterior Concept, China Seas Aquarium, Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China.

“China Seas” Aquarium

(1995-96) Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China.